Watching This Girl Freak Out Over A DeLorean Proves Kids Don't Hate Cars

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Screw the expert opinion that car culture is "dying."

With the advent of ridesharing, many people are declaring that millennials and their children will have no need for or interest in cars. We know that's just not true and you know it as well. But the experts think car culture is dying! Said experts need to watch videos like this. In this clip a young girl sees a DeLorean DMC-12 for the first time and immediately freaks out over it. She starts to freak out even more when her dad opens the gullwing driver's door and starts the engine. No, the police are not coming.

When her parents finally let her in on this awesome reality, the girl immediately hops into the driver's seat. Needless to say this young lady is a gearhead for life (we hope). The key to getting kids to love cars truly is to start them when they are young. That and do not shove them into trunks during joyrides.

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