Watching This Inspired 911 Hit 176 MPH Is The Perfect Start To Your Day

As beautiful at speed as it is standing still.

There is no denying that the Singer interpretation of the classoc 911 is one of the best in the business. Expensive, yes. But also very, very cool. You could very easily buy a new Porsche 911 for the cost of a Singer. And considering the cost and level of craftsmanship on each car we wouldn't be surprised at all if most owners keep their cars garaged most of the time. So when an owner takes his car out to the Sun Valley Road Rally in Idaho and runs it as fast as he can, we sit up and take notice.

The Sun Valley event is the same event where we saw an owner take his Bugatti up to an impressive 230 mph. While the Singer 911 could never hold a candle to a car like the Veyron, seeing it hit an impressive 175 mph and 176 mph on successive runs is very cool to watch.

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