Watching This Will Make You Deeply Miss Lancia

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The great Italian brand will soon be gone forever.

There was a time when Lancia was much, much more than just cheaply rebadged Chryslers. It's really an outright shame that Fiat-Chrysler is letting the iconic Italian brand die off. An attempt, although a pretty bad one, was made to try and save it, but it was a lost cause from the get-go. So it's more important than ever to remember Lancia of yesteryear and how much it accomplished both on and off the track. They were beautiful cars with nothing but raw Italian passion. One such example is this 1983 037 Stradale.

It was the last RWD car to win the WRC Manufacturers' Championship before the arrival of AWD icons like the Audi Quattro. Taking part in Group B events, the 037 was a true race car. From the oil temp gauge facing the passenger to the 2.0-liter supercharged four sounding like the Millennium Falcon in fifth, the 037 is one Lancia we mustn't forget.

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