Water-Damaged Edo Competition Ferrari Enzo XX Coming Along Nicely

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There's still a way to go before it comes back to life, but the Enzo that crashed into the ocean is on the road to recovery.

A few months ago this Ferrari Enzo XX Evolution by Edo Competition found its way into the ocean while competing in the 2011 Targa Newfoundland. Soon after the car's owner transported the 860hp beast via air-freight to Germany where Edo was to undertake repair work at the Ahlen workshop. There's a strong chance that a few performance upgrades will be made to the car, and from the pictures posted on Facebook it appears a few visual changes have already taken place.

For one, there's a new front bumper design that's been hand fabricated from lightweight aluminum. The standard component has been lowered, and a single level lower lip and set of side air vents have been added. An air vent on the hood will mirror those on factory FXX models, and FXX projector headlights will be replacing the previous generation's blacked out versions. Profile shots reveal rear air vents above the wheels, and from the back an FXX grille replaces the standard Enzo version and new extractors now feature. This is an awesome car and we'll be keeping a close eye on it as its lengthy revival process continues.

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