Wave of the Future: Future Tesla Sedan Design Study

Design student Max Ostap seems to have a certain enthusiasm for electric car maker Tesla. Going beyond the upcoming Model S, Ostap has already come out with a design study for its future replacement.

They say all good things must come to an end. The Tesla Roadster seemed to sum up that statement with its gradual decline in sales. The upcoming Model S plans to reinvent the company and continue the party. By 2013, however, the Freemont, Californian-based automaker plans to launch another model, the Model X CUV. There are even rumors that there could eventually be a smaller and more affordable Tesla Roadster. However, design student Max Ostap is several years ahead of Tesla's design team.

He has come up with this design study for a possible future Model S replacement. He even built the pictured 1/5-scale model. Upon second glance, it almost looks like something George Jetson would take to work. Still, Ostap is getting a little ahead of the times (and Tesla's product strategy team). For now, the Tesla Model S is a full-sized battery-powered EV that will go on sale shortly. The battery life varies from three to five hours and it will feature a 45 minute QuickCharge. It is anticipated to go from 0-60 mph in around 5.6 seconds. Pricing for the Model S starts at around $57,400.

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