We Asked McLaren About The Life Of The P1, This Is What They Said

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A clarification session was in order.

Yesterday a rumor popped up on a Motor Trend journalist's Twitter feed claiming that McLaren has a plan to build an additional 25 P1 GTRs. Only this time they'd be street legal instead of being limited purely for the track. This, theoretically, would be an additional 25 examples in addition to the already planned production run of 375 P1 road cars. This didn't sound right to us, especially since we were told in-person by several McLaren officials at Geneva last month that 375 P1s would be the final tally. Period.


So we reached out to Wayne Bruce, Global Communications Director at McLaren, for official clarification. And the answer is this: that road-going P1 GTR rumor is just that: a rumor. In fact, Mr. Bruce also confirmed to us that P1 road car production will wrap up next month. So there you have it. The street legal P1's production life is nearly over, and no more will be produced.

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