We Bet You Never Thought Lady Gaga Would Drive A Car This Cool

Some things never go out of style.

We never thought that Lady Gaga could possibly be much of a car fan. More often than not, pop stars like that either don't car about cars at all, or just buy the flashiest thing that they can find. As it turns out, Lady Gaga is quite the car fanatic. In order to launch her perfume line in 2012, Lady Gaga used a red 1990 Rolls-Royce which was later auctioned for charity. She was even spotted in Beverly Hills behind the wheel of a grey Audi R8. Now though, Lady Gaga is showing off her coolest and least expected car ever - a classic Chevy El Camino.

Lady Gaga posted a picture of herself in the car on her Facebook page. The picture included the quote "Some things never go out of style." We love the car, and are pleasantly surprised at how cool her taste in cars is.

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