We Bet You've Never Seen These Cars In These Insane Colors


And the best part is, they are all currently for sale.

Here at CarBuzz, we love exotic paint colors. We have even debated what the best colors are to order an expensive car in. However, some people don't just want an exciting color, they also want something that they will never see driving past them on the road. The best way to have such a unique car is to do a paint-to-sample, which is offered by higher-priced manufacturers like Porsche and BMW. However, a special order car can often take over three months to arrive and some people just can't wait. Here are five unique color cars for sale right now.

Lamborghinis are often painted in wacky colors like yellow, orange or green, but we think that we found a color that's far more unique. This Lamborghini color is called Viola (violet), and we found a Huracan painted with this amazing 30th Anniversary color. Even the brake calipers are painted in a matching purple. We love the combo with the white leather interior, and the car is currently being sold by Naples Motorsports in Florida for $310,000. We even found a matching 1997 Diablo nearby for $185,000. These two matching purple Lamborghinis would be perfect for anyone who loves this color and Italian exotic supercars.

Enthusiast Auto Group has become quite famous on the internet for selling some amazing BMWs that must be seen to be believed. For example, this dealership sold a 13 year-old E39 M5 with less than 10,000 miles on it. So of course it comes as no surprise that Enthusiast Auto currently has a BMW Individual M4 painted in Signal Green. This color was initially a Ferrari color, and former Top Gear host Chris Evans used to own a 599 in Signal Green. We love the color because it looks so different from a standard M4. The car is just under $70,000, which is not bad considering that it is filled with carbon fiber options.

Porsche is probably one of the best automakers when it comes to custom paint colors. Sometimes, Porsche won't let customers order a limited edition car with paint-to-sample because it wants to keep the number of exclusive cars down. However, normal production models like the 911 GTS can usually be ordered in almost any color as long as the owner is willing to wait around three months. However, if anyone has the itch to own a one-of-a-kind 911, we found this Mint Green example for sale for $127,000 at Champion Porsche. This is a 911.1 Carrera GTS, so no turbocharging and it even has a manual transmission for the purists. It may not be a GT3, but it is just a step below it.

A little while ago, Mercedes-Benz decided to give us a taste of what German humor looks like in the form of a limited edition series of uniquely painted G-Wagons. The G-Class normally comes in boring colors like white or silver, so seeing it in yellow, orange, and green was definitely quite a shock. The colors all had hilarious names like Tomato Red, Sunset Beam, Galactic Beam, and Alien Beam. We found one of these cars painted in Alien Beam Green and we can't think of a better car to draw attention for someone who loves living in the spotlight. Only 463 of these SUVs were made, so it is unlikely that many of them will ever cross paths. At $162,000, the attention won't come cheap.

We already showed how different the BMW M4 could look in a unique green, but sometimes uniqueness is all about subtlety. Many people would look at this BMW M3 and think that it's no different than one of the cars they've seen at the BMW dealer in Yas Marina Blue, a cool, but still factory color. This M3 is not Yas Marina Blue, but rather Laguna Seca Blue, which is a color from the E46 M3 generation. The car even has a BMW individual interior with white leather and dash inserts in Laguna Seca Blue. The car also has a manual transmission, which should make it a collector's piece in the future. This may be the perfect M3, and it is being privately sold right now for $79,000.

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