We Call BS: "Unrestored" Ford Fiesta is For Sale


Someone dumb is about to buy this pile of scrap metal for over £153,800.

This guy is selling his "cherished" Fiesta LX on eBay UK. No, your eyes aren't deceiving you. It's nothing but a crushed hunk of metal that may or may not have been a Ford Fiesta LX. Claiming that it's an "unfinished restoration" project, the seller is even saying he's "put a lot of time and even more money getting into its current condition. It just needs a few odds and ends tidying up to bring it to mint show condition." This ad, which is going viral in the UK at the moment, has got to be complete bullshit, and it's a damn funny prank.

And yet the bullshit-o-meter goes even higher. The seller further states the "engine runs sweet and uses no oil, gearbox is tight and there are no unusual rattles." Anybody interested? We didn't think so, but some sucker may just end up transferring the winning bid amount within 24 hours in order to finalize the sell. So how much is the highest bid at the moment? £153,800 as of this writing. That's $237,913 USD. And one more thing: the seller "won't let the car go for a stupidly low price."

Source Credits: cars.aol.co.uk

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