We Can Only Hope This Badass Sol.E Concept Is The Way Of The Future


Electric concept cars don't need to suck.

A gentleman by the name of Adam Carvalho has graced his fellow car enthusiasts with a concept aptly named Sol.E that should be willed to fruition, or at least pushed to appear in a video game. Since this concept is for the future you should already expect it to be electric (shocker), slick, shiny and (possibly) chrome. It doesn't necessarily make you want to paint your mouth with chrome and drive into an explosion (Mad Max reference), but it might make you yearn for the future of automobiles.

The interesting idea behind this concept car is that it's form fitting. Not only that, it's probably the most green car you'll ever see. The idea is the Sol.E would be constructed with recyclable materials, including PLA plastic. There's also thought to be some carbon fiber and, get this, orange peel. Not only is the exterior design an interesting prospect, but the materials it would be constructed with are so radical Carvalho may be checked into a clinic before this project goes into production. Indeed, this designer has proven through his talents that the future of the car doesn't have to be lame.

Source Credits: www.behance.net

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