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We Can't Believe Lamborghini Didn't Do This Already

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Lambo legend gives hi-po Aventador plenty of bragging rights.

Before the Volkswagen Group purchased the automaker in 1998, Lamborghinis were not the cars one chose when trying to hit the race track and get a spot on the roster of best lap times. The cars were heavy, cumbersome to drive, and quickly proved that the insane shapes of their bodies were mainly there for show rather than to actually facilitate control at high speeds.

And while that's changed quite a bit, with the Aventador SVJ being an agile beast that holds the record for being the fastest production car around the Nurburgring, it's not much of a secret that at 3,362 pounds dry (adding fluids sends that figure closer to 3,800 pounds), the car is still kind of heavy. Thankfully, there are tuners like Valentino Balboni out there who want to improve on that.

Being one of Lamborghini's chief test drivers for decades before his retirement in 2008 - with his courage highlighted by the fact his tenure spanned the era of the poor-handling Lambos - Balboni has earned a place of honor in the company's history. Lamborghini even built a special-edition rear-wheel drive Gallardo just for him. But even though he no longer works for the automaker, Balboni is hard at work improving Lamborghinis through his aftermarket tuning brand, simply called "VB."

His company focuses on creating custom exhausts for Lamborghinis, with its first creation being an exhaust system for the Aventador SV. After building another for the Aventador S, Balboni has moved on and delivered us a new unit for the SVJ. Weighing just 8.8 pounds thanks to titanium construction, the VB exhaust allows for a 1% drop in the Aventador SVJ's weight.

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It also allows for another layer of bragging rights, since only 63 units will be made worldwide while 15 distinctive Valentino Signature editions will also be available. And though the system is styled to look like the horns of a bull, a callback to Lamborghini's raging bull badge, the real treat will be the noise it produces.

"This new VB exhaust is the best system that can possibly be manufactured for the extraordinary SVJ," says Balboni. "It is symbiotic with the SVJ's character. Our goal was to create an incredibly light exhaust to further enhance performance of this fantastic machine. As usual with VB, we also focused on setting free the melodies of the V12 engine, with no sound artifacts. It's all about the purity of sound." As is the norm when regarding cars as expensive as the $517,770 Aventador SVJ, VB has announced no information about the exhaust's price.