We Can’t Believe No-one Bought this 750-HP Toyota Supra for $40K

Bargain of the year slips threw everyone's fingers.

Listed on eBay in mint condition with $50,000 worth of upgrades, how in the hell did no-one snap up this immense 1993 Toyota Supra for $39,995? Like us, the seller must be struggling for an answer. Upgrades to the Japanese icon include a Precision 6266 turbo, Godspeed headers, a Koyo radiator, an Apex N1 custom titanium exhaust, Titan Motorsports fuel system, brand-new 19-inch alloys, a Bilstein racing suspension, all-new leather interior, and new sound system.

Dynocomp of Scottsdale, Arizona, tuned the Supra to 750 hp at the crank and it also looks superb. It deserves a new home. Someone out there must be willing to show this sexy Supra some love.

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