We Can't Get Enough Of This Epic Color-Changing Lambo


This paint job probably costs more than your car.

There's no doubt that heat-sensitive color-changing paint is going to be the next big thing for supercar owners. We say supercar owners, as a lick of paint like the one on this spectacular Aventador costs 35,000 Euros. We can't see too many owners spending that sort of dough on a Lexus. But the owner, Patrick Grabowski, thought it was money well spent. And we couldn't agree more. With the application of cold water or ice, the "Fire n Ice" Aventador sports a matte black finish.

Throw some warm water on it, however, or wait for the sun to shine and the stunning ironman graffiti explodes into life. Check out these exclusive images, and here's the video of the car in action in case you missed it the first time around.

Source Credits: www.facebook.com

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