We Can't Stop Looking At The Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato Concept


The prettiest Zagato-styled Aston since the gorgeous DB4 GT?

The working partnership between Aston Martin amd Zagato goes back a long way. It started in 1960, when Zagato restyled and re-engineered the quaint DB4 GT into a fairly competitive road-legal racing car. Since then, Zagato's put its name to quite a few other Aston Martin road cars that couldn't quite match the exquisite beauty of the DB4 GT - the V12 Zagato came close, but the likes of the V8 Zagato left a lot to be desired visually. However, it appears that the Italian coachbuilder has rediscovered its car design mojo via this brand new Villa d'Este-bound concept car.

Simply dubbed the 'Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato Concept', this new one-off creation was created in conjunction with the Aston Martin design team - which, when you factor in the Vanquish on which it's based, probably explains why the car looks so damn good. As befitting of a Zagato-styled car, however, there are some flourishes sprinkled about the bodywork that, we feel, are pulled off extremely well. Along with the trademark double-bubble roof, you've also got an imposing front grille and DRL arrangement, and we're getting an 'Alfa Romeo 4C meets Aston Martin DB11' vibe from the rear deck, light and diffuser arrangement. Plus, it has quad exhausts, so we now have twice the tailpipes to hear that glorious V12 from than we would on a regular Vanquish.

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Speaking of the engine, Aston Martin also injected some extra grunt from that sonorous 5.9-liter lump of an engine. With a DB11-matching 600 hp on tap, it's 27 hp up on the regular Vanquish. What this does to performance is anyone's guess, but it's nice to know there's some extra punch to match the looks. And you'll get to experience all this extra grunt in tailored comfort too, thanks to the supportive leather seats that have a unique 'Z' quilting pattern. It's all very pleasant stuff and, though Aston Martin isn't officially touting production plans with this car, we're 99.9% confident the Vanquish Zagato will be given a limited release once the affluent Villa d'Este attendants start inquiring about order deposits in their droves.