We Catch Jaguar Testing An F-Pace SVR That Could Have 575 HP

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AMG and the M division are no longer the only crazy ones.

One of the most enticing things about the new crop of luxury SUVs is the fact that we never expected these premium automakers to push these models out of the factory doors and leave them alone. Just like Mercedes and BMW did by sending SUVs to each company's respective in-house tuner, it was only a matter of time before Alfa Romeo, Maserati, and Jaguar turned to larger and more powerful engines to keep the sales hysteria going. In a few years, we may see these SUVs competing on the track and not just the dirt.

Now, thanks to our spy photographers, we have just found out that Jaguar is testing a new version of its F-Pace SUV. Within the compact luxury SUV segment, the F-Pace is already a winner. It's simple but elegant body and athletic abilities make sure of that. But diehard enthusiasts with new families to tow may find it a bit tame, even in its 380 horsepower S guise. That machine carries a 3.0-liter supercharged V6 under the hood, but when compared to the likes of the 440 horsepower Porsche Macan Turbo with Performance Package, the F-Pace seems a bit underwhelming. According to our spies, lack of power won't be an issue for long as the ring of the pops and burbles heard while this Jag went around the Nurburgring confirm that it will be getting a power boost.

We suspect that the 5.0-liter supercharged V8 from the F-Type R will be placed inside this F-Pace to make an R as well. That could unleash as much as 550 horsepower, or, if Jaguar so chooses, it could add a simple engine tune to match the F-Type SVR's 575 horsepower. While it's always possible that Jaguar will do no more than keep the loud supercharged V6 and simply tune it to the neighborhood of 500 horsepower, we'd much rather see top of the line R and SVR variants hit the market even if they are useless. As always, only time will confirm that story, but for now feast your eyes on the revised bumpers on this pace-setting F-Pace while it carves the corners of the Green Hell.

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