We Caught A Facelifted Lamborghini Aventador Tearing Up The Nurburgring

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This should be the last facelift before a successor is here.

Supercars in general tend to be blessed with lucky genes that allow them to age gracefully. Take the Lamborghini Countach for example. Some of those cars are pushing 40 and they're still able to stop traffic and snap necks. That's why it's a bit hard to comprehend that it's already time for the Aventador to get a facelift. Given that it came out in 2011, Lamborghini is only following the natural order of things. As with the Aventador we caught testing a few months back, the changes here are subtle.

For now, it's a bit hard to see all of the new hardware under the camouflage, but our crafty spy photographers managed to get clear enough images of the Bull's Nurburgring practice laps to spot a completely new front bumper. Revised air intake slots up front give a new face to the Aventador and make it look meaner. At the rear, the area other drivers will see the most of, there's a redesigned bumper featuring a larger rear diffuser and new air intakes above the rear fenders. One feature we particularly like is how the exhaust appears to be placed in a snug position between the rear bumper and the diffuser, giving it a more sophisticated visual effect that will help differentiate the old model from the new.

The result is that the new Aventador should look more aggressive, slotting between the old car it replaces and the top-trim SV on the Richter scale. As impactful as the visual changes are, the revisions made under the flesh are just as welcome. Lamborghini hasn't released any information about the suspension, chassis, or engine modifications, but a good guess would be to expect a 20-40 horsepower bump over the old Aventador. Special editions aside, this should be the last edition of the company's flagship supercar before Lamborghini rolls out a replacement in 2020. From what we hear the Italian automaker has been cooking up some interesting replacement ideas, but luckily the V12 isn't going anywhere for now.

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