We Caught The Huracan Superleggera Testing Its Driftability In The Snow

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Little did you know that Lamborghinis and snow go together like chicken and waffles.

Lamborghini has been keeping details about its new Huracan Superleggera light (pun intended) for the time being, shrouding its test mules in heavy camouflage and revealing nothing about the engine save for a glorious exhaust note. This time around our persistent spy photographers caught Lamborghini's test drivers having another go in the Huracan "Super Light," this time in the slippery white stuff, aka snow. Unfortunately, the snow only made it more difficult to pick out anything new.

That's half because the camouflage served to help the bull blend in and half because there's hardly anything different. It's been a well-documented fact that Lamborghini owners enjoy taking their high-horsepower machines on sideways excursions around their ski cabins, but this time it was the test drivers doing the leg work. Looking at the Huracan Superleggera, it's tough to pick out anything new save for the center-locking bolts on the wheels, which effectively replace the five-bolt wheels we previously saw. Aside from that, the Superleggera prototype retains all of the bits and bobs we saw earlier, including its large rear wing, a spoiler in in the front, and an aggressive face that will leave competitors and onlookers alike swooning.

In the case of this Lambo, the test drivers are likely investigating to see how the new wheels and traction control software do in extreme conditions. We're glad that Lamborghini is doing its homework because the Superleggera could weigh as little as 2,900 pounds and have over 650 horsepower (if we get on Santa's nice list), meaning that control is of paramount importance. Once the Superleggera is unveiled to the world, likely during the 2017 Geneva Auto Show, it will join the other four Huracan models to make one happy and complete family. No mention on whether a sixth Huracan would join in the form of a Superleggera Spider, but it's doubtful given that topless vehicles tend to be anything but Super Light.

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