We Caught The New 5 Series Touring With Minimal Camo And Now We Want One

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Why do we get the 5 Series Gran Turismo instead of this again?

The new BMW 5 Series debuted a few weeks ago and now our spy photogs have brought us these shots of the wagon version. The 5 Series Touring, as it's officially known, is still undergoing testing but from what we can see here that appears to be winding down. The five-door is sporting minimal camouflage since the sedan on which it's based has been fully revealed. We spotted the new 5 Series Touring out in traffic and, as we expected, it bears a strong resemblance to the 5 Series up front.

The hidden areas include the tail lamps, roofline, rear door character lines, and the lift gate. Interestingly enough, the design of the 5 Series Touring helps highlight some of the 5 Series sedan's features that may not be as apparent. For example, the Touring looks exceptionally long, more so than the sedan even though the two will likely have a similar footprint. Instead, the illusion is cast by the 5 Series' lower roofline, which gives it more of a sportier look. So far we think BMW is on the right track, but we'd be ecstatic if the wagon were to be graced by the folks over at M. Someone needs to fight Jaguar's planned super wagons after all. Everything else about the 5 Series Touring is already known, this thanks to the fact that it shares so much DNA with the sedan.

Expect to see the Touring at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show. As for a US launch, well don't hold your breath. The 5 Series Gran Turismo replaced the 5 Series Sports Wagon in the US and we don't expect anything to change with the new generation.

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