We Caught The New Aston Martin Vantage Flexing Its Muscles In The Snow

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Yes, Aston Martin is actually updating its other models too.

The DB11 is the Aston Martin that has stolen headlines throughout 2016-that and the AM-RB 001-but don't forget about the English automaker's other models. Aston Martin is working on replacements for other models in its lineup, like the Vantage. Our spies recently caught the new Vantage out for a winter workout. If you were to look really quickly you might assume this is just an old DB11 prototype but our spies assure us that the car captured here is actually smaller than the new 2+2 grand tourer.

The new Vantage will ride on a slightly shrunken version of the new DB11's aluminum architecture. It will be wider, lower and a bit longer than the Vantage currently on offer. Much like the current Vantage there will be V8s to choose from and a top-tier V12 model. The V8 engine will likely be AMG-sourced, a twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8. The (also twin-turbocharged) V12, though, will be shared with the new DB11. The interior will also feature a heavy dose of Mercedes, which means it shouldn't be too far off from what we've already seen in the DB11. Despite the two cars being so similar we expect the new Vantage to have its own signature styling. Aston Martin's CEO, Andy Palmer, admitted that the current Vantage and DB9 were far too similar.

The mistake won't be made again, though. The new Vantage should have a sportier exterior design, what with it being a sports car and all, and should offer a six-speed manual. The option to row your own gears is not present in the DB11. The new Vantage will debut late in 2017 with the roadster to follow some six months later. Hopefully between now and then the new sports car gets its own look to help distinguish it from the DB11.

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