We'd Be Absolutely Terrified To Drive This Ultimate McLaren F1 Anywhere

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Chassis #18 is unlike any other.

You'd think that all 106 McLaren F1s are special. Every single one. Turns out, however, there's one particular F1 residing in New Zealand that's considered to be the rarest of them all. Andrew Magnall owns one of only two F1s in the entire world fitted with the extra high performance downforce package. What does that include? Even more aerodynamic modifications as well as – get this – a 680 hp engine. The standard road going F1 has 550 hp. This one, however, has the LM-spec, BMW-built V12.

Magnall has owned chassis #18 for more than a decade, and he doesn't just let it sit full time in a temperature-controlled garage. No, he drives it – once a month. Honestly, we'd be pretty scared to even do that out of fear of so many things that could go wrong.

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To (hopefully) avoid any potential hazards, Magnall prefers to drive his uber rare F1 on New Zealand's back roads, a more than fitting setting considering it's Bruce McLaren's home country. Magnall is also an amateur racing driver, so it's good to know the car is in good hands unlike the F1 GTR Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason just crashed at Goodwood.

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