We'd Love To See This Porsche Concept Brought To Life


Either in the real world, or in a video game.

Our readers who are also big racing game fans will be well aware of the Porsche license debate. For years now, the only way to drive the virtual incarnations of Stuttgart's finest without paying extra is by playing the Need for Speed or Real Racing titles. However, there appears to be a change in the wind. Assetto Corsa and the last two Forza games have had Porsche DLC, and rumours abound over the German marque featuring in the next Project CARS entry. All of which make something like this Porsche concept an even more likely occurrence.

Though an unofficial project, this brainchild of five Chery design team colleagues and a British image re-toucher is a hypothetical take of what a Porsche Vision Gran Turismo creation could potentially look like. Considering the Porsche brand is almost synonymous with racing, it's of no surprise that this VGT is pitched as a spiritual successor to a successful racing car: the fabled 908 series of sports car. In particular, this '908-04 Concept' draws a lot of its inspiration from the LH coupe from 1969, complete with the low-drag long tail bodywork that defined the look of so many sports car on high speed circuits like Monza and the Circuit de la Sarthe.

On top of being a faithful modernisation of the car that came oh-so-close to beating the monstrous 7.0-liter Ford GT40 at the 1969 24 Hours of Le Mans, the 908-04 Concept is a truly stunning piece of design that takes the gorgeous proportions of that successful Sixties racing car and spices it up with a look that's not too dissimilar to the 918 Spyder and Mission E concept car. Though we know this isn't an official Porsche product, and are well aware that the Gran Turismo games currently don't actually feature the zesty wares of Zuffenhausen, we feel it would be a great shame if this Porsche 908-04 Vision Gran Turismo Concept never progresses further than the scale model mock-up phase.

Source Credits: porschevisiongt.com

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