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We Desperately Need These Rally-Prepped Supercars

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This could well become the most popular racing series ever

Remember the Group B rally car era? Probably not. It was way back in the 1980s, and those over-powered monsters made for some riveting entertainment. But over 400 horsepower in heavily modified road cars was never going to end well, and it didn't.

After a particularly gruesome accident in 1986, Group B was banned altogether, but not before this mad era gave us advanced rally-developed cars like the Audi Quattro, Ferrari 288 GTO and Porsche 959. The technology developed for this class also found its way into road cars and today's motoring landscape would be quite different had Group B never existed.

Today's World Rally Championships are a somewhat tamer proposition. Modified Ford Fiestas and Citroen C3s dominate the scene, and while they may be way safer and still indecently quick, they are a bit lacking in the visual and aural departments.

To rectify these shortcomings, Australian site Budget Direct has reimagined what today's supercars and hypercars would look like if they were modified to take part in the WRC today.

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While we have seen similar ideas before, the results here are a lot cooler than you might think. The visual renderings of the Ford GT40, Ferrari Portofino, Lamborghini Aventador SVJ and Koenigsegg Regera, in particular, should be put into production immediately. The Tesla Model X rally car would no doubt perform superbly on slippery gravel surfaces, although some spectators might miss seeing it as it blasted silently by.

The Reliant Robin, on the other hand, was clearly added for some comic relief, being neither super or strictly speaking, a car. It would, however, look pretty funny seeing one topple over at the sight of the first corner. We really wish that this supercar rally class became a reality, but in today's world, something this crazy wouldn't get past the first meeting. Best to revisit those Group B YouTube videos once again.