We Doubt Anyone Believed Smart's April Fool's Joke For Even A Second

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Nice try though.

We know that Disney fans can be extremely hardcore, even more so than automotive enthusiasts. So we bet that the Disney diehards will go nuts over this new Smart Concept car named after Finding Nemo. Like everyone's favorite fish, the Smart car is painted in orange and white, which is only part of the reason why it was named after a movie that takes place in the ocean. Smart's parent company Dailmer says that this will be the first amphibious vehicle in the brand's history. Seriously? Like anyone would believe any of this?

Unfortunately, when it is put into production, according to Smart, it will lose the Finding Nemo part of its name. The production name will be the Smart ForSea. The car is set to launch this summer in Italy, a location where the Smart brand has had the most success. In order to launch the car with a bang, the ForSea will cross the Straight of Sicily. The engineering for the project was done by Foccaccia Group, which also built the Smart ForFood concept car. Smart says that careful study of fluid dynamics had allowed it to angle the car's wheels at 35 degrees, which lines them up with the hull and underbody. This gives the car a cruising speed of 10 knots, and a top speed of 15 knots on the water.

The 90 horsepower rear-mounted engine is mated to a propeller and connected by a joint shaft on the rear differential. Smart cars have really only been useful in the city thus far, but this new model clearly takes the brand's usefulness to a new level. Gotta love April Fool's.

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