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We Entertain Ourselves By Destroying Tires In A 526-HP Ford Mustang GT350

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We also nearly killed ourselves in the process, but what fun is life without risks?

The life of a car reviewer can be pretty glamorous one week and have zero hint of glitz the next, but all that depends on that week’s press car. That’s why when Ford sent the Mustang GT350 to our office, we knew there was only thing to do: drive it like we just stole it and had the police in pursuit. Unfortunately, the streets of San Francisco and a 526 horsepower Mustang don’t go together unless your name is Steve McQueen, so we migrated to one of our favorite driving roads.

There, the Mustang was hustled around the twisties with the Michelin Pilot Sport tires using all of their grip budget up while the revised suspension maintained control. What ensued were gleeful chuckles when heads were buried in headrests, torsos dug into Recaro bolsters, and tachometers sail to the moon with the song of a flat-plane crank V8 playing in the background.

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And then in one fateful moment, the Mustang became a Mustang again, punishing our unbridled curiosity of the GT350’s limits by nearly pushing the gorgeous body into the side of a mountain. Gotta learn the hard way right? We then dusted off and set the SYNC-powered navigation system to a wide open paved playground where Line Lock and the Mustang’s general capacity for childish fun could be exploited. We promise, as much as it seemed like we were having fun (and we were), it was a hard day’s work. Good thing the Mustang’s fastback makes for a perfect table during lunch break.