We Finally See The Toyota Supra And Our Worst Fears Are Confirmed

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Where's that exhaust note?

James May once expressed his hatred for cars that undergo testing on the Nurburgring during development because apparently, all of the lessons that automakers learn while repeatedly circling the 12.9 mile track ruin the vehicle's road manners. By that logic, we should expect the new Toyota Supra to be a terrible road car but retain enough racy characteristics to be a pure joy to drive on the race tracks. That's because live video of the test mule showing the Green Hell what it's got has surfaced.

It doesn't look incredibly intimidating here, but given the lack of engine noise, we don't think it's giving it its best.

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Of course, the lack of noise could actually be blamed on another harrowing possibility. That would be the chance that the new Supra will get a four-cylinder power plant that's mated to electric motors to make it a hybrid, sort of like the Acura NSX. It would take a hell of a lot of performance prowess and a relatively cheap sticker price to get enthusiasts to accept this mutant. Many fans of the original NSX were left in dismay when they learned about the Acura's hybrid drivetrain. With high hopes placed on the Supra's revival, it would be another letdown to see the Toyota go green. The fact that it approaches the corner quietly and then revs upon exit only makes our hearts sink a bit more.

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