We Found A 911 R For Sale And It Does NOT Cost $1 Million

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Turns out those early predictions may have been largely crap.

When Porsche revealed the 911 R, we knew it was going to be an instant classic. If you were lucky enough to buy one of these at the $185,000 base price, you're already going to make a ton of money if you choose to sell it. Unfortunately, the price predictions started to get out of hand almost immediately. Early predictions had the car going for well over $1 million. We never actually saw any 911 Rs going for this insane figure, and now we believe that the hype may be dying down a little bit. We found a 911 R for sale, and it doesn't cost anything close to $1 million.

The 911 that we found is a white model without the green or red stripes that are available on the R. The car has 58 miles on the clock and is for sale for $599,900 by Miller Motorcars in Greenwich, Connecticut. If you were really lucky, Porsche would have let you order your 911 R in a custom color with a fully checked-off options sheet. This car appears to have very few options, including what appear to be standard seats from a Carrera rather than the optional bucket seats. Perhaps if this car had paint-to-sample and a better options sheet, it could go for more. Paying three times over sticker price for a car is still a bit crazy, but it is not as bad as the 500 percent appreciation that people predicted.

Porsche only built 991 examples of the 911 R, and they all sold out immediately. We have no doubt that this will be a rare collectible for the foreseeable future, so even at nearly $600,000 we wouldn't mind investing in one. These cars are incredibly hard to find, so let us know if any of you have found one for sale at your local Porsche dealership!

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