We Found A 911 Rarer Than The Porsche 911 R


In fact, it is likely the only one in the US.

We're no strangers to special edition 911 models that no-one ever gets to see. Porsche seemingly creates a special edition 911 for every occasion including a very limited number that were only available to Porsche Club owners and another that was only available for Mexican customers. In many cases, these special editions are nothing more than an expensive paint job and a unique interior combination. Still, some are incredibly rare and can even command the insane prices that we associate with the most hardcore 911 models.

The 911 R is perhaps the most insanely priced special edition 911 model in recent history. A 911 R with paint-to-sample can be worth as much as $1 million, but we have found a more "basic" example that only costs around $600,000. Although the 911 R is expensive, there are only 991 examples in the world, which does make is pretty rare. However, we think that we have found a different special edition 911 that is far less common. The car in question is a 911 Carrera S Endurance Racing Edition. Unlike the R, which is loosely based on the GT3 RS, the Endurance Racing Edition is little more than a normal Carrera S with a nice option sheet and some Le Mans-inspired stickers on the exterior.

Since the Endurance Racing Edition was really just a sticker package that cost around $26,000 more than a standard Carrera S, we never gave it much coverage. The price premium does sound extreme, but the car boasts a bit more than just the livery from the 919 Hybrid. This special edition came with carbon fiber interior trim, red seat belts, and unique embroidery. Performance wise, it came standard with the Sport Chrono package, sports exhaust, and Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control (PDCC) that includes the PASM Sports Chassis. Only 235 examples were built worldwide, which makes them quite rare. Only 100 came to North America and only 73 came to the US.

The only colors that were available were red, black or white, and cars could be ordered with a manual or PDK transmission. Here lies the most important part about this car. When we were browsing online, we stumbled upon an Endurance Racing Edition that had an extremely high asking price of $449,501. The car only has 678 miles on it, but we still couldn't understand why someone was asking around $300,000 over sticker price for the car. After clicking on the listing, we learned that this particular example is the only Endurance Racing Edition in North America that was shipped with the seven-speed manual transmission. So how much does this simple option make this car worth?

We found an identical car with the PDK transmission for sale at a Subaru dealership for $152,365. That means that the private seller of the manual car thinks that his car is worth $300,000 more, just because it is the only one on the continent with three pedals. It appears that the car is legit, because the owner has posted a copy of a letter that he received from Porsche that confirms its rarity. The letter says that "this VIN is the only Endurance Racing Edition with a manual transmission. All other cars in my search have option code 250 (PDK Transmission)". We find it amazing that no one else ordered the car with a manual, but it's not the first time that the option has been underutilized.

The Ferrari California had an incredibly low take-rate for the manual transmission, and now values of manual-equipped models are sky high. In our opinion, the asking price is a bit steep, even considering the car's rarity. Perhaps the car could be worth double the MSRP at around $300,000, but nearly $450,000 is a bit much even for a what is one of the rarest 911s on the planet.

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