We Found Out Why The Angeles Crest Is The Greatest Driving Road In The US

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Here are our top five reasons to go drive this amazing road.

Car enthusiasts are obsessed with finding the best driving roads and we're no different which is why a little while ago, we compiled a list of the best roads in the United States. On a recent trip to California, we spent some time on Angeles Crest Highway in Los Angeles and came away convinced that it's one of the best driving roads in the country. Here's our five reasons for why you need to go drive it.

Runoff Areas One thing that is unique about the Angeles Crest Highway is that there are several runoff areas that you can stop at to take pictures of your car. The highway is often used to shoot car review videos because there are plenty of large turnoffs. These areas make it easy to drive the canyons with a group and stop to talk, eat and take pictures. We took our Infiniti QX30 in a convoy with a Mitsubishi Evo, Porsche 911 and Alfa Romeo 4C. Even though our car wasn't the fastest one there, we still enjoyed driving in a convoy and pulling over to enjoy the beauty of the Angeles Forest.

Canyon Etiquette One of the benefits of having so many runoff areas is that everyone practices something that Matt Farah calls "canyon etiquette." On almost every good road in the US, a slow driver will inevitably ruin your fun. On the Angeles Crest, these people almost always pull over to let you pass. There are several sections where the road becomes two lanes to allow for passing, but even when these areas are not available, most of the drivers on this road have the etiquette to let you go by them and enjoy the road ahead.

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Lack of Traffic One of the biggest problems with scenic roads is that non-enthusiasts clog it up and make it impossible to have fun. The Tail of the Dragon is a great road, but it's always full of people that make it difficult to drive fast. When lots of people like to drive fast on a road, it usually results in a lot of unwanted attention from the authorities. Amazingly, the Angeles Crest has very little traffic once you get deep into it and almost no law enforcement. There are speed limits, but no one there to enforce them, so you're only limited by the speed of your car and the size of your balls.

Scenery What good is a nice road if there's nothing on either side to look at? The Angeles Crest may not be able to live up to the scenery on the best roads in Europe, but it isn't exactly boring. The Angeles Crest goes through the San Gabriel Mountains, which look very pretty. We got to see the mountains after a spot of LA rain, so there were patches of green. This area is usually very dry and subject to forest fires, but we got to see it during a very pretty time of year. Even in a slow car, this road is very fun to drive simply because of the amazing scenery.

The Road Itself No matter what you're driving, the Angeles Crest Highway has something to offer for all enthusiasts. There are so many twists and turns that it could easily host a road race, with stretches of tarmac that branch off of the main highway offering different challenges. For example, Big Tajunga Canyon Road has long straightaways where fast cars can really hit some amazing speeds. There are different sections of roads that are better for handling cars and others that are better for more powerful cars.

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