We Found Proof The Porsche GT3 RS Has An Active Rear Wing

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This is sure to be a track monster.

It felt like we had to wait forever for the full reveal of the new Porsche 911 GT3, and it's debuted to rave reviews across the board. Despite its excellence, we're fickle creatures who are never satisfied, and now we want to know all we can about the hardcore GT3 RS. You're likely already aware that this car will have an even bigger rear wing than that of the 'regular' GT3, but we've now come across a video that proves that the rear wing is more than just a fixed piece of aerodynamic aid. Wait until the end for the evidence.

Take a look below to see proof that the GT3 RS features an active rear wing, and before anyone else makes the cliche connection - yes, it looks similar to the DRS system on a Formula One car.

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The clip above is likely from a German highway and we can see the RS cruising in traffic with its wing in the same low-drag setting that we've always seen the car being tested with. After reviewing footage of the GT3 RS at the Nurburgring, we found that the car seems to have only been tested in this mode, so we wondered if the wing was either fixed or only manually adjustable but the above video makes it clear that this is certainly something with built-in actuators to manipulate the airflow.

We assume that when the car debuts, it'll use this wing for both high-speed slipperiness and high-intensity speed scrubbing as an airbrake.

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We never had any doubts that the new GT3 RS would be excellent, but this new information reasserts that the RS line of Porsches are always going to be the ultimate track weapons. Spy shots have previously revealed that there will be vents in the hood and both the top and rear of the front fenders. Don't expect much more power than the last RS though - the reveal of the regular GT3 proved that Porsche is more concerned with making the driving experience better than it is with having the biggest numbers. We expect around 550 horsepower though, and that will certainly be more than enough if Porsche is adding more electronic trickery to make the 911 quicker and better than ever.

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