We Found Someone Who's Selling A Lamborghini Miura

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Big surprise, it costs over $1 million.

We like to browse the internet to find the coolest cars for sale, and even when we search the whole country, it is not everyday that we find a Lamborghini Miura for sale. From 1964 to 1973, Lamborghini only built 764 of them, so it has never been much of a surprise that they have been hard to find. We found a 1969 Miura P400S with the chassis number 3838. The record show that the car was built on December 13th, 1968 and was originally painted white with a cloth mustard interior. Only 338 P400S models were ever built.

The car was repainted yellow very early in its life, and the interior was changed to black. It was then repainted again to its current lime green color. The car originally resided in Spain for most of its life, but was then added to a museum in Japan. Spanish Log Book and registration documents as well as some records and receipts are included with the car. It is currently being offered by Symbolic International in San Diego, California. Apparently, the car was fully restored, and has only been driven 1,300 kilometers (808 miles) since. The seller also claims that the original buyer was a close personal friend of Ferruciio Lamborghini, which is a very cool story that will impress your friends (along with the car itself, of course).

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