We Get To The Heart Of The Bugatti Chiron And Find It A Breeze To Drive

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You don't pay $3 million for 1,500 horsepower. You pay it for the best carbon fiber and leather reins to handle said power.

Okay we get it, the Internet has just seen a bombing raid of new media regarding the Bugatti Chiron and if you haven't seen every video yet, then you likely will at some point in the near future (it's worth it). This time around we take a break from Carfection's review and Roadshow's short snippets on the Chiron to bring you a well-made Bugatti book report from DriveTribe, the pet project of the old Top Gear crew that's shaping up to be one of the higher quality auto shows on the web.

Jethro Bovingdon is the lucky guy entrusted with all $3 million worth of Chiron, and he's apparently the right man for the job. First it all starts with a few moments of speechlessness courtesy of the Chiron's 1,500 horsepower engine making 4,400-pounds of hulking multimillion dollar mass skirt away as if it weighed less than Aladdin's magic carpet.

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Once he regains his voice, Bovingdon reassures us that the standout characteristic of the Bugatti driving experience is still intact: the car's ability to turn intimidating performance numbers into a nimble package that can be easily controlled by a student at your local driving academy. "It feels extraordinary in what it can do but it feels normal in the sense that you can operate it so you're not just this horrible weakest link. You're empowered to enjoy it and see what it can do." Working this characteristic into the Chiron is a wise move on Bugatti's part because the only people who can actually afford one are likely the type to have enough dough to float through life without ever being informed of their mistakes.

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