We Have Bad News For Owners Of Old Electric Cars

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Charging your ride is about to get more difficult.

EV drivers probably know this, but if you haven't checked one out yet, there are three types of charging ports. Tesla has its own proprietary system, though we did learn recently that it was going to open up its charging network to other makes and models using an adapter. The first EVs used a setup called CHAdeMO and most newer cars use the SAE's Combined Charging System, or CCS.

Electrify America, the subsidiary created by Volkswagen after dieselgate and one of the biggest EV charging companies in the country, is going to phase out CHAdeMO in favor of the more common CCS hookup by January of next year. This came in a report by the outfit, first reported by InsideEVs. The one place it will continue to install the older plugs is California.


That's because Electrify America is overseen by the California Air Resource Board (CARB) while the EPA oversees the rest of the country. California was one of the early adopters of EVs, hence the need to keep those older ones, like the second-gen Nissan Leaf and Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, on the road and charging.

"In recent years, the automotive industry has converged on CCS as the non-proprietary standard of choice for vehicles in the US. Nissan, the last BEV manufacturer producing CHAdeMO vehicles for the North American market, has announced that the upcoming Ariya will use CCS charging," said Electrify America's report.

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"As sales of all new BEVs shift to CCS, Electrify America forecasts that over 90% of the non-Tesla BEVs in operation will use CCS by 2025. Electrify America is already seeing this shift at our stations. CHAdeMO usage (including Tesla via CHAdeMO adapter) accounted for just 9% of station usage in the first quarter of 2021, down from 15% in 2019, despite CHAdeMO chargers making up over 20% of all DCFC equipment at our stations."

So if you have an old EV, you should be keeping track of this. We will note that Electrify America isn't going to take any of the CHAdeMO chargers away, so your favorite spot should still be available. In fact, there's still more than 800 stations with the charger, all of which can be found on its app. Your next car, if it's in EV, will certainly use the newer-style CCS.

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Source Credits: InsideEVs

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