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We Hope The Adorable Honda Urban EV Makes It To The Street

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Supposedly it will, as a 2019 model year.

Retro car designs aren't anything new for the industry. Fiat's entire catalog in the US is pretty much defined by the aesthetics of classic cars, and Mini's entire brand dates back to the glory days of the original Mini in the 1950s and 1960s, What is surprising, though, is that Honda reckons it can pull off this nostalgic look on a concept car, using an incredibly unlikely car to pay homage to. And you know what? The end result is probably one of the genuine stars of the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show.

Dubbed the Honda Urban EV Concept, this nostalgic little all-electric car uses the first-generation Honda Civic as inspiration for the boxy proportions (and before you say it looks more like a Volkswagen Golf, it's worth pointing out the OG Civic predates the Guigaro-penned VeeDub by a couple of years or so). Better still, the interior is also relatively reminiscent of the architecture found on older cars, albeit heavily revised to suit the century the Urban EV Concept originates from. For instance, the 70s-derived quartic steering wheel, front bench seat and large glass house are supported with perhaps the widest infotainment display we've ever seen in any car.

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On a more serious note, the Honda Urban EV Concept previews a more electrified future for Honda. with a range of EVs currently in the pipeline. Better still, it's being suggested the Urban EV will make its way into production as early as 2019, with the styling cues only set to be toned down slightly to meet requirements such as pedestrian safety standards. Fingers crossed those rumors end up being accurate - if the Urban EV's adorable aesthetics make it onto a production car (especially one that's reasonably priced and has a decent range), then Honda will surely have a guaranteed winner on its hands here.