We Hope the BMW 2 Series Cabrio Will Look Like This


Unfortunately we may have to wait nearly a year for it to go on sale.

It's only been a few days since the all-new BMW 2 Series was officially unveiled, but already there's speculation regarding the eventual open top variant. There's no reason to assume BMW won't offer a 2 Series Cabrio, but we'll likely have to wait around a year for it to launch. However, automotive rendering king Theophilus Chin couldn't resist temptation by cooking up a couple of images as to what the inevitable 2 Series Cabrio may look like.

If we didn't know otherwise, it'd be easy to mistake them for actual production shots from BMW. Overall, we really like what we're seeing. If you think (as others do) that the new 4 Series Cabrio is simply too big, then you're currently looking at a solid alternative. Expect for the cabrio to be offered with the same engine/transmission lineup as the coupe. The only question that remains is whether BMW will opt for a soft or a hard top.

Source Credits: theophiluschin.com

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