We Hope The BMW X8 Doesn't Look This Bad

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Frankly, we're appalled.

Let's not kid ourselves. BMW has abandoned its heritage completely now. The twin kidney grilles that used to be a subtle styling feature are now an eyesore, as seen on the M3 and M4 while the signature double-halo headlights that were also a trademark of the Bavarian brand have been abandoned on the imminent new 2 Series coupe. The 2022 7 Series is not going to be very traditional in terms of styling either, but it seems that the X8 SUV will be even more unconventional. This render from prolific design artist Nikita Chuiko proves that BMW has either completely lost the plot or knows something about design that the rest of the world doesn't.

Nikita Chuiko
Nikita Chuiko

The new headlight arrangement that BMW is opting for on its top-of-the-line luxury offerings reminds us of Hyundai's Venue, except that Munich's attempt at two-piece lighting structures makes the new vehicles look completely daft. Yes, this is just a render, but Chuiko is rarely wrong when it comes to interpreting what is hiding beneath the camouflage of new prototypes. If he is proven right again, the X8 is going to be hideous. But what about the rear of the X8? Could it redeem the luxury SUV's aesthetics? Well, it's not terrible, but it's not exactly an instant classic either. Things are going downhill here.

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Speaking of downhill, the roof seems to have something of a slope, although it's not likely to be extreme enough to be labeled a coupe-SUV. Look, we understand that brands need to evolve to stay relevant, but it really feels like Kia's new designers played a prank on BMW before they left for Korea. While the design will probably continue to be a bone of contention for years to come, BMW can attract buyers to its new offering with excellent performance, something that has always been a hallmark of the brand. Here's hoping that the X8 M is so good that we don't care what it looks like.

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Source Credits: Kolesa

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