We Imagine What 5 Gorgeous Coupes Would Look Like As Four-Doors


Mercedes invented the four-door coupe, but these models would make the segment much better.

Mercedes-Benz invented the four-door coupe segment with the CLS. The idea was revolutionary: build a car with the practicality of a sedan, but the gorgeous looks of a coupe. The CLS was such a hit that other manufacturers like Volkswagen and BMW felt the need to copy it. After hearing rumors that BMW was going to give the M2 the Gran Coupe treatment, we thought about other coupes that we would love to see get a few extra doors. These coupes all feature classically sleek lines, but adding two doors would give them a blend of style and practicality.

The Nissan GT-R would be a perfect car to turn into a four-door. Nissan used to make the Skyline as a four-door, but the company never gave the top of the line GT-R model a four-door variant. Over the years, people on the aftermarket have turned four-door Skylines into GT-Rs using extra parts and it's time that Nissan did likewise. This is a concept that people have been clamoring for since the original Skyline back in the 1990s. In recent years, people thought that Infiniti would build a GT-R-powered Q50, but it looks like that won't pan out. What has Nissan got against building a fast four-door?

The two door version of Mercedes' flagship is one of the best looking coupes on the market. And the company that invented the four-door coupe should consider making the S-Class coupe into a four-door. We've heard rumors that the SEC name could be revived and adorn the car of our dreams. The S-Class coupe has the same opulent luxury of the sedan, but doesn't have the same level of space and practicality. If Mercedes could combine the sleek looks of the coupe, with the size and practicality of the sedan, it could create the perfect flagship car. With BMW possibly working on an 8 Series Gran Coupe, an SEC could be right on time.


The Infiniti Q60 was once just a renamed G37 Coupe, but the updated 2017 model is all new. The Q50 is not a bad looking sedan, but the Q60 is drop-dead gorgeous. By giving the Q60 the four-door coupe treatment, Infiniti could finally give people a genuine alternative to the German offerings. Infiniti's brand identity is not very well defined right now, so copying the German's might not sound like the best way to gain a brand identity. However, with a new lineup of engines, Infiniti is more dedicated than ever to fight Europe's luxury brands. And if Infiniti is going to copy the Germans, it may as well copy one of its best ideas. This could help the Q60 sell like crazy.

Like the Q60, the Lexus RC is a cool looking Japanese coupe. The RC-F would make an especially cool four-door model. The IS is a very interesting looking sedan, but we feel that the lines on the RC translate really nicely to a four-door. We would love to see an F model with a tailgate like an Audi A7. The GS-F is a nice four-door car, but the GS might be a bit bigger than enthusiasts would want. Lexus doesn't currently have anything to compete with four-door performance cars like the BMW M3 and Alfa Romeo Giulia. A four-door version of the RC-F would give Lexus a very interesting rival to these cars, especially if it had the hatch. Come on Lexus, make your best looking model even better.

The Aston Martin DB11 is the car that will return the British marque to prominence. It has a better engine, transmission, and interior than previous Astons, and is indicative of what to expect of future models. People loved the Rapide when it was first unveiled, and we think that a refreshed version based on the DB11 would be perfect. What do you think? Which four-door coupe would you like to see put into production? Let us know in the comments.

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