We Just Caught BMW's Latest M Car Out Testing In The Wild

Spy Shots

At least it's not a Gran Turismo!

BMW is planning to M just about every single car in its lineup. That means more full-fledged M cars and M Sport Models. One car that is going to get the full M treatment is the X3, at least according to our spy photographers. They captured a highly camouflaged X3 that looks just a bit more aggressive than the regular X3, which has also recently been caught out testing. BMW already offers the X5 M and X6 M, along with the X4 M40i (which isn't even a full M car), but this would be the first time the X3 got the M treatment.

Of course a new M model hasn’t been confirmed by BMW but this X3 looks like it's on steroids...just a bit. Note the sporty front bumper complete with large air intakes. There are also the side skirts, rear diffuser and barely there roof spoiler. The brakes and wheels are also bigger. Just in case this wasn’t enough to convince you that this is the X3 M the frickin’ thing has a quad exhaust! Logically this makes sense as, again, BMW is dead set on expanding its M range. It needs to be as both Audi and Mercedes-Benz are upping the ante in the performance car arms race. Speaking of an arms race, what will be under the hood of the X3 M? That we don’t know but we can of course speculate.

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The X4 M40i has the same engine as the M2, a turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six. However, it only puts out 355 horsepower whereas the M2’s makes 365 horses. The X3 M will have to be beefier than the X4 M40i as it’s a fully-fledged M car. That means it’ll likely have similar power output as the M3 or M4, both of which are powered by twin-turbocharged inline-sixes. The M3 makes 425 horsepower and the M4 tops out at 493 horsepower, but that's only in GTS guise. Regardless, that power range should give the X3 M a nice cushion over the X4 M40i. This is important as buyers will be asked to pay extra for a full M model and won't want to be down on, or even very close to, the power figures of a lowly M Sport car.

With an X3 M in the lineup BMW will have a sporty SUV for just about every single type of person. The only model left out will be the X1, but honestly we wouldn’t be surprised if it got an M Sport version. The X3 M is expected to hit dealer lots in 2018 as a 2019 model, which means we should start hearing more about it towards the end of this year and it should start popping up at auto shows come 2017.