We Just Found Out What The Next 3 Series Will Look Like Inside And Out

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OK, so there's heavy camo everywhere but at least we got to see something!

It seems like our spy photographers just can't get enough of BMW. They recently captured the new M5 running around. Before that we got to see the slightly-updated-but-not-really 4 Series coupe. Now there is this, the upcoming 3 Series. Unfortunately we don't have a ton of shots of the car, codenamed the G20, but we can see a bit of its interior and we do get a pretty good look at it from the front. On the inside the 3 Series looks a lot like, well, a 3 Series. From what we can see here, which admittedly isn't much, not a whole heck of a lot is changing.

The HVAC knobs are a bit bigger and the gauge cluster looks to have gotten a redesign as well, at least the portion we can see, anyway. Perhaps the biggest clue as to what the inside of the new 3 Series will look like is the cabin of the current 7 Series. That's the newest BMW model out and it's not a stretch to think that its design and features will influence the rest of the lineup. When it comes to the exterior there's a bit more to see. There's the M Sport spoiler up front but overall the camo installers did a great job at covering the car up. The new 3 Series will sport an extended wheelbase so as to provide more room for the passengers in the rear.

We don't know exactly how much longer the wheelbase will be and how that will affect the car's overall length, but from what we can tell here the difference may not end up being all that noticeable. As for the design of the car itself…well it's kind of hard to tell. Like the 4 Series Coupe spy shots it looks like BMW isn't making any dramatic changes here. That's just fine by us as the current 3 Series is a good looking car on its own. Expect redesigned lights of course, although we don't expect those round taillights to even make it close to production. Although we'd like to see more of the new 3 Series the most exciting aspect of the car won't be visible to the naked eye.

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The sports sedan is set to lose 180 pounds thanks to the increased use of lightweight materials like carbon fiber. There will reportedly be an all-electric version on offer as well. Of course we're still excited for the eventual M version but the idea of a 3 Series that truly offers something for everyone (gas, diesel, hybrid, EV) is more intriguing.

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