We Just Watched This Video And Immediately Booked Flights To Miami

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We also rented a couple of Ferrari 458s.

As drop dead gorgeous as it is, the Ferrari 458 Italia is a fairly common supercar. After all, Ferrari has built several thousand of them since production began back in 2009. That's not at all a bad thing but when you're driving a 458 you also want to feel special and stand out from the pack, especially when you're in Miami Beach. This awesome city is jam-packed full of supercars and beautiful bikini-clad women. Interested in taking a few of them for a ride?

The crew over at Vossen Wheels recently took a pair of Novitec Rosso-tuned 458s and equipped them with new sets of lightweight forged wheels wrapped in Pirelli P Zero rubber. Want to cruise around Miami in true style? You're about to see how it's done.

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