We Know This is Fake But Seeing It On a Challenger Makes Us Want it Even More

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Will this ever be a real thing?

We've seen it on a Gallardo as well as a Jeep Rubicon, now someone has putting their video editing skills to good use by making a color changing Dodge Challenger SRT8. We're not sure why we like this demonstration of the color changing technology best on this car but we're guessing it probably has something to do with the racing stripe. If they figure out how to change the color of the racing stripe too, our heads might explode.

Bu this is as fake as the fun bags on a pornstar.The video claims that metallic pigments are rotated from the voltage frequency dispersed the throughout the vehicle body and it all can be controlled through a smartphone app. We don't buy it,not just yet. Still, it's fun to watch and fantasize about, just like the fun bags on a pornstar.

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