We'll Get A Faster Honda Civic Type R If This Record Is Beaten


Someone topple this record before the Type R hits the US.

Honda is understandably proud of the Nurburgring record it set a few months back with the Civic Type R. It's so proud in fact that the Japanese company will build a faster Type R should any other car take its record. The chief engineer of the Civic Type R, Hisayuki Yagi, said Honda would be willing to build a faster version if someone took its crown. "If someone takes our fastest lap, we'll take it back," he told To Gear. However, there are some conditions that would need to be met.

"Well," he concedes, "if it's a strictly limited edition, then we would have to think carefully whether we would do a car to beat that. But on the other hand if a rival makes a car of comparable spec and features as the Type R, we would have to go back and beat it." In the interview Yagi said that cutting weight or adding horsepower would be considered. The Civic Type R is coming to America soon, so if anyone wants to go out and beat the record before that, feel free to do so.


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