We Love NFL's Alfred Morris, Here's Why

Penny Pinchers have a new role model to look up to.

The Washington Redskin's star running back, Alfred Morris, was second in the NFL for rushing yards in his rookie season last year. He has a respectable 4 year, $2.2 M contract with additional $154k bonus. Perhaps that's not the kind of cheese to enable Morris to buy a Pagani Huayra, but certainly enough for a ride more befitting a professional NFL player. Here is what makes this guy different. His daily driver is a 1993 Mazda 626 that he bought off his pastor for $2 while he was coming up in college.

Nicknamed "Bently", the car was starting to show its age, so after what we speculate to have been non stop locker room car jokes at Morris's expense, word had reached the ears of Mazda's executives. In a brilliant marketing move, they arranged to have the player's 626 completely factory refurbished. In exchange, Morris would drive a brand new Mazda6 until his daily driver was completed. Morris received his 626 after 275 man hours of work were completed. Mazda even installed some nice additional touches such as cross stitched leather Bentley style seats, Pioneer audio system, and a plaque that reads, "The Alan Morris Project." Looks like Morris trumps even that of the Pope in the category of car humility.

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