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We May Now Know The Name Of McLaren's New 243 MPH Hypercar

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A recent trademark filing has possibly revealed the name of McLaren's upcoming BP23 hypercar.

Last year, McLaren filed a mysterious trademark for a 'McLaren GT' monikor. That trademark has now been approved, meaning that McLaren is free to use the GT name on an upcoming product. So what could it be for? Well, it may not be a coincidence that McLaren's forthcoming new three-seater hypercar, currently codenamed as the BP23, was announced just months after the trademark was filed. McLaren has also been referring to its upcoming F1 spiritual successor as the "Hyper-GT," so this could have been a not-so-subtle hint at the car's final name.

It would certainly be a radical departure from McLaren's alphanumeric model names like the MP4-12C and 720S, though this trend has already started with the Senna. McLaren's CEO Mike Flewitt has also previously said he wants future Ultimate Series cars to have proper names instead of alphanumeric designation. This of course is by no means confirmation that McLaren's new hypercar will definitely be baptized as the GT. Considering that the BP23 will be the fastest road-going McLaren ever made with a top speed exceeding 243 mph and even more powerful than the P1, branding such a savage machine as the 'GT' arguably wouldn't do it justice.

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Also, according to the document, the trademark was filed for "retail store services featuring motor land vehicles" instead of the usual road car trademark for "motor land vehicles, namely, automobiles, sport utility vehicles, trucks, vans, engines," so the GT name could be used for a McLaren storefront. That said, as well as being the most powerful road car the automaker has ever made, the BP23 is being billed as the ultimate luxury grand tourer, so the GT name isn't implausible. We'll find out the final name and more details closer to the hypercar's reveal later this year. Like the F1, the McLaren BP23 is limited to 106 units, but they've all been sold with a price tag of $1.6 million ($2.28 million).