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We Need More Gearheads Like This Guy And His Beat Up Porsche 912

Driving shouldn't always be about racing and going fast.

Cars are meant to be driven. Plain and simple. Obviously there are plenty of exceptionally rare ones out there whose owners keep them permanently stored away, bringing them out only for live shows and concours events. And that’s really kind of a shame. Even Jay Leno, who has the wealth to buy whatever the hell he wants, drives all of his cars, no matter how rare, whenever he can. But you don’t have to own an expensive vintage car to enjoy the vintage driving experience.

Meet Antoine Gaslais, who drives a 1967 Porsche 912. The car’s paint is imperfect, not everything is always working at 100 percent, and it often smells like grease. That’s all part of the pure driving experience, to just, in Gaslais’ own words, "be in a time capsule." You’ll understand more once you’ve checked out this latest video from the crew over at Petrolicious.

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