We Now Know Why This British Ferrari 458 Wanted To Be Mounted By A VW So Badly


When faking it until you make it goes wrong.

Earlier this week we brought you photos of a Ferrari 458 wedged between a brick wall and a Volkswagen Passat taxi cab in Luton, UK. At the time we didn't know what happened but now that the dust has settled we know what's what-to a point. For starters, the 458 pictured here was rented from a company called Prestige Lifestyle by a man for a wedding (not his own). The rental period was for five days at a rate of £850 pounds ($1,331 USD) a day along with a deposit of £5,000 pounds ($7,830 USD).

According to the owners of Prestige Lifestyle the 458 only had 4,600 miles on it and was written off by the insurance company in three minutes. The ITV News report didn't mention police or alcohol so we can assume that stupidity or showing off caused this crash. Guys, next time you want to look like a big man in front of your relatives maybe try renting a car you can handle or one with a cheaper security deposit.

Source Credits: www.itv.com

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