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The Fast and Furious franchise has changed a lot since the first film back in 2001. What started off as an undercover cop movie with street racing has turned into a stuntfest filled with explosions and physics-defying action. There have been tons of amazing cars on screen in this series, but we had the impossible job of picking just five for this list. Our choices (in no particular order) are based on the cars themselves and their importance in the series, not how much we liked the movie as a whole compared to the rest of the series.


We have to start with the orange Mk IV Toyota Supra. It featured in 2001's The Fast and the Furious and is one of the most memorable cars off all time. Driven by Paul Walker's character, Brian O'Connor, the Supra was built to replace the ruined Mitsubishi Eclipsed that was lost to Vin Diesel's character in a race. Following a montage of restoring the junkyard Supra, we get one of the best moments in the whole series where O'Connor beats a stuck-up rich guy driving a Ferrari. This Supra can do the quarter-mile in 10 seconds, which doesn't seem like much today, when supercars off the showroom can do the same, but it was wickedly fast back in 2001.

The third installment of Fast and Furious, Tokyo Drift, wasn't very popular with casual fans. However, car enthusiasts often say that Tokyo Drift was their favorite in the series because it had the most to do with cars. The highlight of this movie was the VeilSide Mazda RX7 driven by Han. The FD RX7 is already one of the JDM halo cars, but the VeilSide kit takes it to a new level. This car looks like a supercar, and has the price to boot. The VeilSide bodykit alone can cost over $15,000 and FD RX7 prices have been on the rise. Unfortunately, this car met its doom at the end of the movie, by (spoiler alert) the brother of the 6th movie's villain played by Jason Statham. Photos by VeilSide.

The R34 GT-R is one of the most legendary JDM cars ever built. The car reached even greater popularity after becoming the signature car for Paul Walker's character in Fast and Furious. Walker drove a uniquely painted R34 in 2 Fast 2 Furious, which he assembled on his own in a deleted cutscene at the beginning of the movie. Walker pilots another R34 for the 4th movie, Fast & Furious, this time sporting a blue paint job. After stealing millions of dollars in Fast Five, Walker's character upgrades to an R35 GT-R, although we prefer the unique classic that is the R34. This car will always be legendary for so many reasons, even having a spot in Walker's personal collection.

The signature car for Paul Walker's character was the Nissan Skyline, but the signature car for Vin Diesel's character was the Dodge Charger. In the infamous race against the Supra, Dominic Toretto takes out his father's old Charger and races it against Brian's Supra. Both cars narrowly avoid hitting a train, but the Charger gets clipped by a truck and is completely totaled. The Charger was so powerful that it popped a wheelie off the line, which is awesome to watch. Dodge has capitalized on the movie's success and marketed the new Charger to match the series. The car from the movie was actually for sale, but it doesn't match the performance that was quoted in the film.

This choice is a two-for-one. The Nissan Silvia from Tokyo Drift if referred to as "The Mona Lisa of the Drift World." This was no ordinary S15 Silvia. The car in the movie was supposed to have an RB26 engine from an R34 GT-R, although not all of the on-screen cars that were used in the movie actually had this engine. The "Mona Lisa" is ruined in a drift race, but the engine is later lifted out and put in a Ford Mustang for the final drift battle. This may piss off muscle car and JDM purists alike, but we love the Mustang as a cool car that brings two automotive cultures together. Photo Credit: Universal Studios

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