We're Disappointed In Elon Musk's Latest Attempt To Get Rid Of Traffic


This is not the visionary dreams we've gotten used to seeing from him.

We have nobody to blame but ourselves for Elon Musk's latest posturing because the praise we've sung for Tesla, Space X, and and his general habit of answering what's needed to be done in the world with a startup has led to The Boring Company. It all started with a pissed-off Tweet from Musk after a day stuck in LA traffic claiming he wanted to do something about to. On paper that sounds fantastic. Alleviate congestion using one of the most monied vivid imaginations currently alive, what could go wrong?

With his new startup, Musk hopes to use giant boring machines to dig tunnels underground so cars can travel, lessening the number of vehicles invading the road and making you idle despite being late for work. The major problem with this highly ambitious plan is that it's a bit outlandish and violates every principal Musk has typically stood for.

The fact that it came from a place of angst for Musk further signifies that this is a response of his reptilian brain searching for answers without first consulting the logical corners he's more well-known for. Most Muskian solutions have a way of making sense in the mind's eye once they're up and running, but not The Boring Company. Implementing the plan would involve less waiting around, but the massive amount of money it would cost to build and maintain what could be double the roads we have now (and consider how strained our current infrastructure is) means that it may be time to tap Musk on the shoulder and tell him to focus on the matters at hand. Besides, isn't traffic one of those issues that could be solved if every car had a form of Autopilot in it?

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