We're Liking What We See Of The New Mercedes-AMG GT R

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We're even more pumped for the car's Festival of Speed debut next week.

Even though we've seen the car being put through its paces before we're still plenty pumped to see the new Mercedes-AMG GT R track-honed monster make its world debut during the Goodwood Festival of Speed next week. After all, who wouldn't be excited by the prospect of seeing a faster, lighter and more muscular version of one of Mercedes' best ever performance cars? Can you tell we're itching to see the new AMG GT flagship rumble its way through the Goodwood Estate? Our itch has become maddening after seeing this new trailer.

Though we don't get to hear any exhaust notes or induction noise from the presumably heavily reworked 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine, the teaser does give us a rather nice preview of what to expect from the Mercedes inside and out.

Having the option for a matte paint scheme in a Kermit The Frog shade of green is perhaps the most obvious new addition that the AMG GT R is bringing to the table, as are the incredibly racy additions to the front bumper, the subtle-by-mad-AMG-standards rear spoiler and the obligatory "AMG GT R" badging on the trunk lid. Things haven't changed wildly inside. The cabin looks about as well-appointed as the standard car's, though we do approve of the contrast yellow stitching and bucket seats. That reworked V8's power is expected to be somewhere comfortably north of 550 hp (for reference, the AMG GT S emits "just" 510-hp), and we do anticipate some of the standard car's 3,500 lbs curb weight to be shaved off in the GT R model.

The fact Mercedes has been releasing a collection of "Beast of the Green Hell" teaser videos on the official Mercedes-AMG YouTube channel heavily suggests the AMG GT R will be a far more track-focused and hardcore performance car than that plush interior lets on. Fingers crossed the Mercedes-AMG GT R ends up being as ravishing as we so dearly wish it to be.

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