We Really Hope Buick Has The Balls To Bring A Wagon Stateside


Hell, it can even keep the Opel badge if needed!

For whatever reason, drivers in the United States love crossovers but hate wagons. That's just an unfortunate fact of life. However, in Europe people love wagons. Buick may be up for bucking the trend and borrowing from abroad, at least if a recent trademark application filed December 16 is any indication. According to AutoGuide, the automaker has moved to trademark Regal Tourx and Tourx. Now what do those two names have to do with wagons? We thought you'd never ask. You did ask, right?

Last year we learned that GM was thinking of importing the Opel Insignia (the German Regal) from Germany to the US, rebadging it as a Buick in the process. Well, fun fact, there's an Insignia Tourer and as you guessed it's a wagon. Now "Tourer" and "Tourx" aren't the same word but damn it all if they don't look just a bit similar. Of course this trademark application could mean nothing. But we would like to believe that Buick is at least exploring the possibility of creating a Regal wagon. Crazier things, like the Verano-based hatchback available only in China, have recently happened. Here's hoping Buick pulls the trigger on this one. The United States needs a wagon renaissance.


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