We Really Hope Someone Doesn't Spend $350,000 On A Convertible Lexus LX 570

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Convertible SUVs will never be cool. Stop it.

The best way to make any burly SUV look goofy is to chop the top off. Take the Lexus LX 570 for example. With the roof on it's a luxury family hauler that's just a bit rugged. With the roof off it's just…weird. Luckily Lexus doesn't offer a convertible option for its top-tier SUV, but where there's a will there's a way. Reader Omar Badawi tipped us to this convertible LX 570 which is on sale in the Middle East. It's a 2016 with zero kilometers on the clock and is priced at $353,938 (1.3 million AED).

The list price is 1.3 million AED, which comes out to $353,938. In the US, a new LX 570 starts at $88,800. This is a ridiculous markup, even taking into account the premium that is put on luxury cars sold in the Middle East. Yes, customs cars are worth more than normal cars, but what about when the customization in question absolutely destroys the car? Convertible SUVs have never and will never be a good idea, especially when the SUV has three rows of seating and fits eight people inside! Now we're not 100% positive but it looks as if Newport Convertible Engineering is behind this. That outfit can and will chop the top off of anything provided the price is right.

While we think this convertible SUV is awful, we have no doubt it'll find a buyer. There are quite a few gearheads in the Middle East with more money than sense after all. Our only advice to the convertible Lexus LX 570's eventual owner: pack tons of sunscreen in the glove compartment.

Source Credits: www.uaesale.com

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